“Wickedness in the Heavenly Places” lost Wrightson painting- in print for the first time!

“Wickedness in the Heavenly Places” New Wrightson Artist Edition Print!

Hello Wrightson World!

We have a special treat for you all today- a true rarity- a completely unseen Wrightson painting that has NEVER been in print before!

“Wickedness in the Heavenly Places” 12×22″ or 24×46″ print- available Wednesday 6/15 at 2pm Central

Originally painted by Bernie back in 1998 as concept art for a film that never went into production, this piece has been hidden away in a private collection for the last several years. We here at Nakatomi are very grateful for the owner coming forward to share it with us so we could add it to our Wrightson archives, and present it as a high-quality reproduction, made from scans of the original art board.

Prints will be available at 2pm on Wednesday, 6/16 at 2pm Central

“Wickedness in the Heavenly Places” is presented in two editions– one at the size of the original painting, 12 x 22″, or in an oversized edition of 24″ x 44″, allowing you to see all the insane detail in this amazing work of art.

Prints will be available at 2pm Central on Wednesday, June 16th, in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store- HERE.

The detail of this piece must be seen in person! Beautiful mixed media work from the hand of a master.

Regular edition of 300 copies retails for $60 each, Oversized edition of 50 retails for $200 each. Each print will be hand-numbered, and the large size also Embossed. Printed on heavyweight acid-free natural watercolor paper, with archival ink.
Prints will ship within 1-2 weeks of the on sale date.

Pick up the prints HERE at the drop time on Wednesday!

Special thanks to Todd N. Kennedy for providing us with the scan, and artist Rick Law for letting us know the history of this piece!

As usual, the artist’s share of the sales of this print goes directly to Liz Wrightson.

Thank you all!

-Alex Fugazi